100+ Ways to Sign Off an Email

I’m a new blogger, and I just recently sent my very first email to my subscribers. Composing the body of the email was relatively easy, but then I found myself stumped as to how to sign off. It was a little thing that I hadn’t even thought about, but I think it matters. Not much perhaps, but it does matter.


Your signature reflects your personality, your relationship with the recipient and your business—whatever that might be. Are you professional, casual, silly, simple, eccentric…? What do people expect from you? What do you want people to expect from you?


Okay, that’s enough of that. I’ve no desire to over-complicate such a little thing. On to the list! It’s in alphabetical order because it’s easier that way.


1. Adieu

2. Adios amigo/amiga

3. All the best

4. Always

5. Always your friend

6. Always yours

7. Au revoir

8. Be well

9. Best

10. Best regards

11. Best wishes

12. Cheers

13. Ciao

14. Confidently yours

15. Continued success

16. Cordially

17. Enjoy your weekend

18. Faithfully

19. Fare thee well

20. Forever your friend

21. Forever yours

22. Good job

23. Good luck

24. Happy trails to you

25. Hasta la vista, baby

26. Have a good one

27. Have a great day

28. Have a great weekend

30. Have a wonderful day

31. Have magical day (This is one is my personal favorite because it reminds of Walt Disney World!)

32. Hope this helps

33. Hugs

34. Hugs & Kisses

35. I thank you for your time

36. In gratitude

37. In my humble but accurate opinion

38. Keep in touch

39. Keep up the good work

40. Kind regards

41. Kisses

42. Live long and prosper

43. Looking forward to hearing from you

44. Looking forward to your reply

45. Lots of love

46. Love

47. Love always

48. Love eternally

49. Love forever

50. Many thanks

51. May the force be with you

52. May the wind be at your back

53. More to come

54. Much love

55. My best

56. My best to you

57. Namaste

58. Off to slay dragons

59. Over and out

60. Peace

61. Peace and love

62. Peace, love, and unity

63. Regards

64. Respectfully

65. Respectfully yours

66. See you soon

67. Sincerely

68. Sincerely yours

69. Smiles

70. Stay tuned

71. Take care

72. Take it easy

73. Talk soon

74. Thank you

75. Thank you for reading

76. Thank you for your consideration

77. Thank you for your quick response

78. Thank you for your time

79. Thanks

80. Thank you for your help

81. Thank you so much

82. The end

83. Thinking sweet thoughts of you

84. This message will self-destruct

85. To be continued…

86. To infinity and beyond

87. Until next time

88. Very best

89. Warm regards

90. Warmest regards

91. Warmly

92. Wishing you continued success

93. Wishing you the best

94. With anticipation

95. With appreciation

96. With many thanks

97. With the highest good for all concerned

98. Write back

99. XOXO

100. You don’t need to see my credentials

101. Your favorite child

102. Your friend

103. Your secret admirer

104. Yours

105. Yours truly

100+ Ways to Sign Off an Email

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