20 Nifty & Free Online Tools

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With this post, I am delighted to present you with a list of useful internet tools to aid you in all your online activity. #5, Grammarly, is the coolest and most useful of them all! Enjoy!

1. HowSecureIsMyPassword.net
– Estimates the security of your passwords by the time it would take a desktop computer to crack with brute force.

2. Random.org – A super cool site that uses atmospheric noise to generate truly random results. You could use it to pick your lottery numbers, roll dice, flip coins, conduct drawings, and more!

3. OnlineConvert – Converts your files from one type to another. Covers nearly everything including audio files, video files, image files, document files, and more!

4. VidtoMP3.com – Enter a video’s URL and this site will convert it to an MP3 file.

5. Grammarly – Grammarly is an amazing, top of the line, awarding winning software that checks your grammar for you. No other proofreading program can compare to Grammarly. You can choose to use the online app, a browser add-on, download the software onto your computer or even all of the above. There’s even an add-on for Microsoft Word and I use it to check my posts before publishing. The best part? It’s free! The free version of Grammarly does almost everything you could possibly want. The premium version is especially useful for students, teachers, or professionals.

6. OnlineOCR – Converts any scanned document into a text document. It also converts tables, columns, graphs, and supports 46 languages.

7. KidzSearch.com – A kid-safe search engine, ideal for kids under 12. (I looked at several and this one navigates the best in my opinion.)

8. Bulk Image Resizer – This tool is amazing. With lightning fast speed, is loads and resizes a large group of images to your specifications. This is not an optimizer, it’s a resizer. It’s an essential tool for bloggers, and vloggers.

9. PicMonkey – The best free photo editing software online.

10. TypingTest.com – A fun way to test your typing speed and accuracy. It takes just 60 seconds. I type 46 words per minutes. (That’s kinda pathetic considering I’m doing this blogging thing.)

11. StumbleUpon – A bookmarking website that allows you “stumble” through the internet. It uses your interests and the “likes” of thousands of other users to choose a website to show you. You click the Stumble button, and StumbleUpon will load a random website within your selected interests. After viewing the page, you can click the like or dislike button to indicate whether or not you enjoyed that page. Pages with the most likes are shown most often to help ensure that you find something fun and interesting. I love StumbleUpon because it’s so random and you never know what’s coming up next. You can find treasures that you never knew existed!

12. DuoLingo – The absolute best way to begin learning a second language. DuoLingo is an incredible free program that was created by and is managed solely, by volunteers. You can get the DuoLingo app on just about any smartphone or tablet, but you can also use the app online. Just click the link and create an account. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish and DuoLingo indicates that I am 28% fluent in Spanish. That number may be a bit arbitrary, but I believe it’s close to accurate. Did I mention that it’s fun? I love DuoLingo and if you’re interested in become bilingual or even multilingual you should check it out.

Did you know that learning multiple languages increases your IQ and slows the aging of your brain? And you can do it free with DuoLingo!

13. Thesaurus.com – A comprehensive thesaurus that allows you to search words, phrases, and concepts.

14. Reverse Dictionary – Exactly what it sounds like, you enter a definition or concept and the reverse dictionary will show you the words associated with your search.

15. Google Image Search – Search a picture instead of words. Just upload a picture or enter the image URL and click the search button.

16. Wordle.net – Create art with words! Enter any combination of words you like, select your options, create and save. Wordle.net is free and you can use your Wordle for anything you like, including commercial projects!

17. FaxZero.com – Send free faxes!

18. Unfurlr.com – Let’s you see what’s behind a short-link before you click it.

19. PrintablePaper – Let’s you print just about any type of lined or dotted paper imaginable, from graph paper to checkbook registers. It’s super useful when you only need one to two sheets instead of an entire pack.

20. UrbanDictionary – A dictionary that allows you look up the definition of slang words. You can also add your own words, definitions, and vote on others.

20 Free Useful Internet Tools (#5 is Amazing!)
20 Nifty & Free Online Tools
20 Nifty and Free Online Tools

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