50+ Creative Writing List Prompts to Inspire

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Are you a writer in need of inspiration? Are you struggling with writer’s block? Why not try list making a way to brainstorm ideas and unleash your creative self? Below you’ll find a list of list ideas designed help you do just that! Pick the ones the like, leave the ones you don’t, and have fun!


1. List as many adjectives as you can, to describe hair.


2. Create names for grandma’s secret sauce.


3. Quick! List as many demon hunters as you know. Don’t stop until you’ve named at least 10.  Make them up if you have to. (Buffy totally counts.)


4. Make a list of your 100 most favorite words.


5. Write a list of insignificant things that could be considered a rite of passage.


6. Create a list of books to read that will enhance your writing skills or boost your creativity. (Good Reads lists are perfect for this.)


7. Write a list of attributes that you love to see in villains.


8. Write a list of attributes that you hate to see in heroes.


9. Compile a list of the strangest questions you’ve ever been asked.


10. Create a list of favorite lines from books you’ve read. Arrange them to tell a story.


11. Ask why. Pretend you’re two-years-old and write a list of questions that begin with “Why?”


12. Write a list of things that remind you of your childhood home.


13. Make a list of childhood dreams long forgotten.


14. Make a list of your favorite smells.


15. Write down all the fictional places you’d like to visit.


16. Follow that up with a list of all the fictional food you’d like to try. Butterbeer anyone?


17. Make up your own names for lipstick colors.


18. Write down the creepiest things you’ve overheard strangers say.


19. Make a list of the similarities between your best friends and your mom’s best friends.


20. Keep a list your favorite sex scenes from movies.


21. Write a list of inspirational quotes about never giving up. Now, read it out loud to yourself.


22. Write down all your favorite or least favorite conspiracy theories.


23. Name the places you’ve seen in dreams. If they don’t have names, then give them names.


24. Write down your top 18 favorite mythical creatures.


25. Who is your favorite protagonist? What does their grocery list look like?


26. List the worst habits of some of the best writers you know.


27. Pretend you’re going to spend two weeks in complete solitude on a tropical island. What 20 things are in your suitcase?


28. List your most memorable dreams.


29. Write a list of things you think make the best family heirlooms.


30. Why down all the questions you’d like God to answer.


31. What gadgets are you waiting to be invented? Bonus if you give them cool names like, The Jungle Vendor.


32. Write down all the times in your life when you’ve experienced good luck.


33. Write down all the beautiful things you’d like to hear someone say to you.


34. Write a list of modern marvels that you find particularly impressive.


35. Write down 20 subjects you’d like to learn more about.


36. Create a restaurant bucket-list. What restaurants would you most life to experience in your lifetime?


37. Create your own special code. Use it to make a list of all your secrets.


38.Write down as many adjectives and phrases as you can to describe a painful experience.


39. List all the ways you can think of to cheer up your favorite person.


40. Take a walk and create a mental list of the most imaginative stories you’ve ever read. List the similarities between the stories.


41. Create a list of foreshadowing symbols that mean something to you. (Might a red apple foreshadow sin or danger? Might a key symbolize secrets or freedom?)


42. Write all the ways you can think of to impress the person you admire most.


43. Write down all the TV shows you’d like to share with your children when they become adults.


44. Use your imagination to invent some fun, but quirky family traditions.


45. If could live to be 1,000-years-old, list all the skills you would like to master.


46. Make a mental list of people you wouldn’t mind owning a voodoo doll of. When you’re done, invite one of those people out for ice cream. Ask them what types of stories they like to read. (An antagonist can be a surprisingly good muse.)


47. The zombies are coming! Quick, make your to-do-or-die list!


48. Write a list of songs you think would make the best serenades.


49. Write down all the times in which you, or someone you know personally—cheated. Follow up by writing down whether or not the cheating paid off.


50. Write down all the features and services you expect to find in a luxury assisted living community.


51. List all the qualities you desire to have in a best friend. Do you embody those qualities yourself?


52. What sorts of things would do if you could be as outgoing and uninhibited as you wish?*


*Question borrowed from The Book of Questions

50+ Creative Writing List Prompts to Inspire





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