60+ Tiny Ways to Increase Your Activity Level

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As someone who leads a pretty sedentary life, I’m always looking for lazy ways to increase my activity level. I created this list for both myself and for you. I hope you find it useful.


1. Do a proper dental hygiene routine. Properly floss, brush for a full two minutes, then rinse with your favorite mouthwash.


2. Do calf raises while brushing your teeth.


3. Take showers instead of baths.


4. Groom in detail. Shave, pluck, trim, exfoliate, file, buff, etc.


5. Instead of wearing perfume or cologne, use scented lotion. It takes effort to slather lotion all over your entire body!


6. Make yourself up! Hair, make-up, nails, etc.


7. Brew your own tea and coffee—one cup at a time.


8. Always clean up after yourself. Never leave messes behind.


9. Follow FlyLady. – She’ll help you clean and organize your home, build great habits, and take better care of yourself.


10. Challenge yourself to keep a picture perfect home. When is the last time you washed your curtains or ironed your shirts?


11. Wash dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher.


12. Learn to cook.


13. Teach your kids to cook.


14. Teach your friends to cook.


15. Cook all your own meals, including packing your daily lunches.


16. Cook your meals from scratch.


17. Grate your own cheese and veggies.


18. Grow a few plants or even an entire garden. Even one or two plants will require some maintenance.


19. Buy your produce from the farmer’s market. Shopping at the farmer’s market requires walking around and usually involves carrying a basket.


20. Go apple or berry picking.


21. In Autumn, visit a pumpkin patch and select your own pumpkins for pies and jack-o-lanterns. Make a day of it and go on a hay ride and bob for apples. I’ve never bobbed for apples. Have you?


22. Visit a corn maze.


23. Host dinner parties.


24. Make it a point to always park at the back of the parking lot.


25. Always choose the stairs over the elevator or escalator.


26. Shop at the mall occasionally instead of online.


27. Opt to carry a basket instead of pushing a cart. (This could save you money too!)


28. Give your partner more massages.


29. Have sex more often.


30. Learn to Hula-Hoop! It’s super easy, fun, and you can do it while watching TV. Unless you’re really working it, it doesn’t burn that many calories, but it’s certainly better than sitting on your duff eating Cheetos.


31. Make new friends or reconnect with old ones.


32. Schedule your social activities around physical hobbies and games. Go bowling, play darts, badminton, table tennis, air hockey, billiards, etc.


33. Throw parties.


34. Throw parties for kids under 7.


35. Blow up the party balloons with your own two lungs!


36. Play with the kids. Slide down the slide with them. Build a snowman with them. Jump on the trampoline with them. Fly kites with them. Play Twister with them—and try not to crush your squishy little babies! 😛


37. Make plans to play Pokémon Go! Pokémon Go is a mobile game that will be released in July and it’s going to give kids (and big kids like me), a great excuse to be more active. You see, in order to play the game, you have to walk and travel around. It’s going to be tons of fun and I’m so super excited! Gotta catch ‘em all!


38. Take up a physical hobby. Photography, Geocaching, woodworking, cake decorating, painting, etc.


39. Get some pets. Even a fish or hamster will need to be cared for.


40. Learn to play an instrument. It’ll keep you active and it’ll keep your hands busy.


41. Drink 100+oz. of water a day. Run back and forth to the bathroom.


42. Laugh often and intensely. “Sorry Andrew” is a hilarious story that will have you laughing out loud. I laughed until I cried.


43. Suck in your gut! Do it all day, every day. Don’t forget to sit up straight!


44. Occasionally, opt to read physical books instead of digital. – Walk to the library, take the stairs to the kids floor, check out the hardback version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (It weighs 2 pounds.), walk home, read it, return it a month later, and you’ve burned 1700 calories. (Okay, I just made that up, but you get the point.)


45. Take a hike in the woods.


46. Take a toddler on a hike in the woods.


47. Sign up to walk for every charity you can. You get to support charity, you get a tee shirt, you get to socialize, you get outdoors, and you get exercise—what could be better? Just make sure you avoid the candy table and opt for the fruit stand instead okay?


48. Charity Miles is a free app that tracks your activity and then donates money to your favorite charity for every mile that walk, bike, or run.


49. Listen to audio books or podcasts when you take your daily walks. I have a wireless MP3 player that I use for just this purpose. I also use it when I do yoga or stretching exercises. That specific model is 100% waterproof so you can even use in the rain or while you swim.


50. Old Rule: Exercise during commercials. New Rule: Exercise every time someone hot appears on the screen. Kegels anyone?


51. Invest in all sorts of exercise equipment and gear. Even if you don’t use it very often, sometimes is better than no-times, right? I’ve found all sorts of cheap exercise gear and gadgets at Goodwill. Goodwill is a great place to start equipment collection if you’re a beginner.


52. Dance often! Dance with your lover, or the kids, or the dog. All alone? Then dance alone! I have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in my shower. I listen to music while I bathe and dance like no one is watching. I’m probably going to break my neck in there one of these days, but it sure is a good workout!


53. Lend a helping hand. Do your grandparents need help with the yard work? Or cleaning out the attic perhaps? Even if they just need you to reset the router again, it’s a little bit of kindness that gets you moving—so do it with a smile, okay?


54. In the summer, take the kids hiking and have a water gun fight. Don’t just watch, join in!


55. In the winter, take the kids sledding and have a snowball fight. Don’t forget to build a snowman.


56. Visit a museum. When is last time you visited the museums in your community? When is last time you took the kids to the children’s museum?


57. Go to the arcade. Play Dance Dance Revolution, Skeeball, Pinball, Whack-a-Mole and shoot hoops. Bonus points if you go to one of those fancy arcades with the virtual reality games and billiards tables.


58. Play in the rain. What better way to feel alive than by dancing in the rain? Make it a point to kiss your lover passionately.


59. Get crafty! On Pinterest, you’ll find a never-ending list of crafty ideas to inspire you.


60. Instead of watching TV, why not surf the internet, play video games, do crafts, color, or read books?


61. Rock while you meditate. Gently rock side to side or back and forth. It’s incredibly soothing and I’ll bet you didn’t know that this is how Tibetan monks meditate. Many Westerners think that meditation is all about being still, but that’s not true. Your body is made to move and rocking is good for you.


62. Listen to more music. Music is stimulating and you’ll find yourself tapping your toe, nodding your head, singing along, and dancing more often.


63. Keep a daily journal. Any kind of journal will do. Writing requires busy hands. If you keep a food and exercise journal, you’ll be able to reflect on your daily habits and behaviors.


64. Speaking of busy hands—play video games. Some video games are designed to move your entire body and they can be tons of fun.


65. Paint! Stand while painting.


66. Recycle! Recycling requires bit more effort than just tossing everything into the garbage bin.


67. Sign up for the Daily Challenge by Me You Health. Each day you’ll receive an email containing a tiny challenge. The challenges are always tiny, super easy, and designed to help you improve your life. The challenges fall under many different categories, including health & fitness, finances, & relationships. It’s a social site that awards you points for each challenge you complete and allows you to connect and make pacts with others. The site even offers “Tracks” so you can choose which category you challenges come from. There are several tracks that focus on physical activity with challenges so simple, you’re all but guaranteed success with your goals to move more.


That’s it! You’ve reached the end! Thank you so much for reading stranger!

60+ Tiny Ways to Increase Your Activity Level




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