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My name is Cassie I’m the writer of this here blog.


This blog exists as a reminder to focus on financial goals. When life happens, it can be easy to forget or postpone financial goals; priorities are often to the moment and the future is left to unto itself. A lack of discipline can erode a happy future. Being guilty of this myself, I write this blog to cultivate knowledge, encourage financial prudence, and for my own personal accountability.


I grew up poor up and it has my life’s struggle to recover from the wounds that poverty has inflicted. It is my opinion that poverty is the root of all evil and if you know anything about the consequences of scarcity then I’m sure you agree.


I write this blog for multiple reasons, the first of which is to hold myself accountable. I’ve done smart things with my life and my money, but I’ve also done dumb things. Mistakes may teach valuable lessons, but if an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then most mistakes are far too expensive. I don’t want to make any more mistakes. I want more out of life and I need to start taking better care of myself and my money.


I have a lot to learn and I as do I will write posts and share them here on this blog. I hope my posts prove informative and helpful. I try my best to write quality, informative posts and not just fluff. The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Fraud Prevention is a 5 part series that I spent a great deal of time writing and as far as I know, it’s the best anywhere online. It’s chock full of useful information and I highly recommend it.


If that post doesn’t interest you, then perhaps one of these will as they are my popular most posts to date.


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I don’t enjoy self-promotion and I like to keep things casual. I don’t have an email list and I use my personal Twitter and Pinterest accounts to share my posts. If you like, you can also follow my blog on Facebook or Google+.


One more thing: I loathe pop-ups with every fiber of my being. You will never see any kind of pop-up, pop-under, fly-in, or overlay on this blog.


I thank you for visiting and I invite you to have a look around. Be sure to bookmark my site so you can visit again!



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