For the Love of Trees

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Howdy person! Do you love trees? Really? Me too! We should hang out…


Until then, you should keep reading to learn more about the various organizations and businesses that love trees too. That way, you can patronize them and hopefully make lots of tree-loving friends. Tree lovers make the best friends. After all, research has shown that trees have the power to make us smarter, happier, and healthier.


American Forests — “The oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country,” American Forests helps grow and expand forests and restore watersheds both in America and throughout the world. They use science and work with policymakers to ensure that forests and waterways are healthy and beneficial to the ecosystem and community. Unlike other conversation organizations, American Forests focuses exclusively on forests.


The Abor Day Foundation – This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the conservation of trees. They promote awareness and help educate people, communities, organizations, and governments about the importance of trees. An Abor Day Foundation Membership starts at just $10 and comes with 10 free trees. Other membership packages offer to have the 10 trees planted in a rainforest or national forest. The foundation also sells various trees and tree-related swag. Environmentally friendly greeting cards are also available.


Trees for the Future — This nonprofit organization runs an agroforestry program called “The Forest Garden Program” that educates and empowers farmers in poor African countries to grow and maintain forest gardens. These forest gardens are sustainable, good for the environment, and provide food, timber, and livelihood to the people who operate them. Help offset your carbon footprint and give back to your fellow man by donating today!


Tree Tribe – They’re a company that makes sunglasses out of wood and bamboo. The sunglasses are totally hip and sexy, but that’s not even the best part! The best part is that for every pair of sunglasses they sell, they plant 10 trees! That’s not a typo, they really do plant 10 trees in exchange for the purchase of a single pair of sunglasses.


I’m the girl who breaks or loses about 6 pairs of sunglasses every year, so if I bought all my sunglasses through Tree Tribe, it’d be like I’m planting 60 trees every year. Is there any better way to turn your personal failures into a win?


Scotties Facial Tissues — Tissues are made from paper and paper is made from trees. Tissues are cleaner and more convenient than hankies, but they are worse for the environment. That’s what makes Scotties Tissues exceptional. They are dedicated to responsible forestry and for every tree they use to manufacture their tissues, they plant 3 in its place. Those extra trees help offset carbon emissions that result from the business. Scotties tissues can be purchased with Amazon’s Prime Pantry program. They are more expensive than competitors, but given their environmentally friendly approach, I’d say they’re worth it.


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