Attention Students: Grammarly Can Help You Succeed! It’s FREE!

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Grammarly is a grammar checker, but that short definition doesn’t do Grammarly justice.

How so?

First of all, this isn’t your momma’s spell checker. Not. Even. Close. In fact, Grammarly is the world’s best grammar checker bar none. Literally. No other proofreader can even begin to compare to Grammarly and everybody who’s anybody uses it.

Grammarly is an absolutely essential tool for anyone who writes, but it’s especially useful for students. As a student, not only are your spelling and grammar always being judged and critiqued, but your grades and success in school depend on your being a good writer.

If you want to appear intelligent, communicate efficiently, and impress your teachers— then you need Grammarly.

If you want to avoid sounding incompetent, looking foolish, or being misunderstood—then you need Grammarly.

Second of all, it’s FREE! And there’s no catch!

Even if you’re already a fantastic writer, speller, and grammar-nazi, you can still benefit from Grammarly. Actually, it’s all the more reason to get it—so you can make your better, your best!

Grammarly has won awards for being exceptional, and it can help you be exceptional too!

There are a couple of ways you can use Grammarly:

1. Download the software directly onto your computer.

2. Download the Microsoft Office Plugin. (This is the method I use and it’s super easy.)

3. Install the browser the extension. (This one is especially useful if you’re a blogger.)

4. Write directly on the Grammarly website.

Use one or use them all, it’s up to you.

This marks the end of my glowing Grammarly recommendation. It is now time for you to click the link and sign up for Grammarly.

Attention Students: Grammarly can help you succeed. It's free! And there's no catch. I promise!


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