How to Refresh an Old Post

I’ve only been blogging for 9 months, but I still like to refresh and reshare old posts. So, once a month, I go through and do just that. This is something you want to do from time to time and certainly every holiday season.


One of the things Google checks when determining rank is how recent the post is or how recently it was updated. Google only wants to return recent, relevant results to searchers. If your post is old and hasn’t been updated in a while Google may consider it outdated.


Refreshing an old blog post will help you stay relevant and competitive. It will show your readers that you care about providing quality content.


Below is my checklist for refreshing an old blog post.


1. Read the post thoroughly.


2. Update any old or misleading information. Make sure it’s relevant and accurate.


3. Remove any parts that are no longer relevant or that no longer suit you.


4. Check to see if there is a way to add more or higher quality information.


5. Check your links. Look for broken links and fix any that need it, make sure that links open in new tabs if you desire it, and make sure you’re using nofollow links for affiliates and sponsors. Also, make sure you’re linking to the most useful and relevant content you can. Your readers will appreciate you for being an awesome resource.


6. Are you an affiliate blogger? Check to see if can you add a link or two to the post without spamming.


7. Does your post include an internal link? If not, try to add one.


8. Double check grammar and formatting—I know you already did this when you first published the post but do it again anyway. Poor grammar or formatting is unattractive and makes you appear unprofessional.


Are you familiar with Grammarly? If you not, you should read my post about it, because Grammarly is amazing!


Dear Bloggers, Why are you not using Grammarly already?


9. Check the writing. Can you improve it? See the links below for a few simple, but useful tips for improving your writing. Just don’t take them as gospel! They’re not rules, they’re guidelines.


The 2 Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Writing Forever

3 Minutes, That’s All It Takes to Get Better At Writing

297 Flabby Words and Phrases That Rob Your Writing of All Its Power


10. Check your call-to-action. Do you have one? Is it relevant?


11. Check the photos included in the post. Do they need updating? Can you find or take higher quality photos? Are the photos included social media friendly? Do you have a pinnable image? Do you have a nice Facebook/Twitter image? Spend some time on this.


12. Make sure all of your images have an appropriate title, alternative text, and description. Don’t neglect this.


13. Double check SEO. Make sure your keywords, title, categories, tags, and metadata are up to par. If you know where to earn a high-quality backlink, then do that too.


14. After you’ve finished updating the post, have fun sharing and promoting all over again!


*If you discover an old post no longer works for you at all, then rewrite it completely, or delete it and redirect traffic elsewhere. If you decide to do a redirect, then you should know that the Yoast SEO plugin will help you accomplish this easily!

How to Refresh an old blog post



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