Free Coloring Pages for Adults

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Before we get to the list, we need to talk about printer paper. If you’re an adult who loves to color, then I’m sure you’ll agree that not just any old printer paper will do. Thin, grey tinged paper is simply unacceptable. Instead, you require a high quality, thick, bright white paper that doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s why I recommend this Hammermill Color Copy Paper. It’s acid-free and heavier and brighter than regular paper so it’s perfect for coloring.


*Note: You came here looking for free coloring pages and you can find them using the links below. I did my research and each of links below offer free coloring pages that you are allowed to print and color for personal use. Now that I’ve said that, I want you to know that almost all of the coloring pages you see on Pinterest and Facebook are stolen. Not all of course, but almost all. Don’t be a party to thieves. Please support the artists and the publishers by paying for your coloring pages when you’re asked to. Otherwise, stick to honestly free sources okay?



Free Adult Coloring Pages

This incredible website offers over 1200 free adult coloring pages with varying difficulty levels to choose from. The website is not in English by default, so scroll down to the bottom and click “English Version” in the footer. The pages here are amazing and enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.



This French website offers hundreds of coloring pages that vary in theme and difficulty. The site is not in English and you’ll need a plugin to translate it for you. The pages are all free, but I wonder about licensing issues because many of the coloring pages feature trademarked characters.


Coloring Pages Bliss Newsletter

Sign up for the newsletter to receive 25 free coloring pages. Some of these are flippin’ awesome.


Dover Publications Adult Coloring Newsletter

Dover Publications offers some of the best adult coloring books available. If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get free coloring pages, coloring tips, special offers, and more. After I signed up, I received several emails without any free coloring pages, but after a couple of weeks, I finally received an email with over 30 amazing high-quality pages. If you like to color, the Dover newsletter is a must.


4 Creative Haven Owls Samples

There are 4 sample pages here from Dover Publications’ Owls Coloring Book. (I actually own this coloring book and it’s one of my favorites.)


4 Creative Haven Peacock Designs Samples

There are 4 sample pages here from Dover Publications’ Peacock Coloring Book. Each image is beautifully detailed and features spectacular peacock tails.


4 Creative Haven Mosaic Masterpiece Samples

There are 4 sample pages here from Dover Publications’ Mosaic Masterpiece Coloring Book. Mosaic Masterpiece is a serious adult coloring book with lots of tiny details that come together to make a bold, beautiful statement.


4 Creative Haven Tessellation Pattern Samples

There are 4 sample pages here from Dover Publications’ Tessellation Patterns Coloring Book. These are complex patterns just begging to be colored.


4 Creative Haven Dreamscapes Samples

There are 4 sample pages here from Dover Publications’ Dreamscapes Coloring Book. These wild, highly detailed designs are the perfect way to soothe your creative soul.


Enchanted Squirrel Coloring Page

This post at In the Playroom shows off Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest Coloring Book and offers a free enchanted squirrel to color. He’s super cute and made of leaves!



This site offers several well-designed and highly detailed patterned pages for your coloring pleasure.


Quick Relaxation Techniques for Incredibly Busy Moms + Free Adult Coloring Pages!

This post at PrettyOpinionated offers several free coloring pages to print. In my opinion, only two are worth printing, but those two are very nice.


Peacock Coloring Page

This pretty peacock from Easy, Peasy, & Fun is the perfect balance of challenging and relaxing.


Thank you for reading friend! May your life be filled with color!

A source list of Free Coloring Pages for Adults


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