Amazing Pay-For Downloadable Adult Coloring Page Sources

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I love the idea of being able to download and print coloring pages. This way, you get to keep them forever and reprint them for yourself as often as you like. Additionally, you have full control over the paper quality on which the art is printed and with a little help from you can change the outline color to grey or any other color you choose.


Before we get to the list, we need to talk about printer paper. If you’re an adult who loves to color, then I’m sure you’ll agree that not just any old printer paper will do. Thin, grey tinged paper is simply unacceptable. Instead, you require high quality, thick, bright white paper that doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s why I recommend this Hammermill Color Copy Paper. It’s acid-free and heavier and brighter than regular paper so it’s perfect for coloring.


Below is a list of best pay-for, downloadable coloring page sources.


1. is website dedicated to drawing and painting. In addition of offering art lessons, the site also has downloadable coloring books for sale. There are 6 downloadable coloring e-books, and my personal favorite is the one featuring Sugar Skulls. I own that one and I love it.


2. NeverDieArt – This Etsy shop features beautiful sugar skull girls with lots of hair to color and shade to your heart’s content.


3. ArtistrybyLisaMarie – This Etsy shop features realistic greyscale animals that are begging you accept the challenge of bringing them to life.


4. ColorMeArtStudio – This Etsy shop features some fantastic coloring pages that vary in theme and difficulty. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or relaxation, you’re sure to find something worthy here.


5. MollyHarrisonArtThis Etsy shop has hundreds of coloring pages featuring goddesses, fairies, and many other fantasy females. Each page is wonderfully whimsical and the corresponding Etsy page shows a digitally-colored example of the page. I love the examples, they’re amazing, inspirational, and they fuel my daydreams!


6. JoArtyJo – This Etsy shop features highly detailed Zentangles that just boggle the mind to look at. I can’t imagine how long it would take to fully color one of these.


7. TheColoringAddict – This Etsy shop features a variety of highly detailed coloring pages. There are animals filled with patterns, shapes, and tangles and they look absolutely amazing.


8. PicToGraphiqueThis Etsy shop features coloring pages with pretty swear words as the main focal point. You’re an adult damn it! The perks of which mean you get to color and say swear words. Why not take your adult frustrations out by breathing some personality into these swear word coloring pages?


9. DreamStateStudio – This Etsy shop has nearly 200 hundred highly-detailed adult coloring pages. They’re fun, pretty, and this Gorgeous Owl is so amazing it could win awards.


10. Tamisery – Okay, so there are only a few coloring pages in this Etsy shop, but they’re of unicorns so I had to share. What’s more fun to color than a unicorn? Channel your inner LisaFrank.


11. LinesbyLiete – This Esty shop has some unique coloring pages to offer. These wild designs are begging for bold color with lots of personality.


*Note: You know those coloring pages all over Pinterest and Facebook? They’re almost all stolen. Don’t be a party to thieves. Please support the artists and the publishers by paying for your coloring pages okay? If you’d like to save a little money, there are a few places to get free adult coloring pages. Follow the link below to read my list.

Free Adult Coloring Page Sources

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A List of Amazing Pay-For Adult Coloring Printables (Don't Worry, They're Cheap & Worth Every Penny)

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